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Hurricane and Ocean Testbed

Current NOAA-Funded HOT Projects

  • Project 1 -- Forecaster Support Products for Analysis of Tropical Cyclone Intensity and Structure from Aircraft Reconnaissance Observations (J. Vigh, M. Bell, J. Zhang) Project Information

  • Project 2 -- A Machine Learning Model for Estimating Tropical Cyclone Track and Intensity Forecast Uncertainty (M. DeMaria) Project Information

  • Project 3 -- Expansion of Ensemble-Based Sensitivity to TC Hazard Forecasts (R. Torn) Project Information

  • Project 4 -- The Impact of Targeted Synoptic Dropsondes on Tropical Cyclone Forecasts in HAFS (S. Ditchek) Project Information

  • Project 5 (JTTI-Funded) -- Effectively Communicating Uncertainty in Tropical Cyclone Intensity Forecasts (D. Halperin) Project Information