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Monthly Atlantic Tropical Weather Summary

ABNT30 KNHC 011251

Monthly Tropical Weather Summary
NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL
800 AM EST Tue Dec 1 2020

For the North Atlantic...Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico:

Tropical cyclone activity in the Atlantic basin during the month of 
November was extremely active, with two tropical cyclones developing 
during the month and a third tropical cyclone, Eta, continuing from 
the end of October. Two of the storms, Eta and Iota, became major 
hurricanes, with Iota becoming the latest observed category 5 
hurricane on record in the North Atlantic basin. Both Eta and Iota 
made landfall in Nicaragua as major hurricanes in nearly the same 
location. Based on a 30-year climatology (1981-2010), a tropical 
storm forms in the basin in November every one to two years, a 
hurricane forms every other year, and a major hurricane forms every 
seven to eight years.

Overall, the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season was extremely active, 
with well above normal activity for the season. A record thirty 
named storms formed, with thirteen becoming hurricanes and six 
becoming major hurricanes - category 3 or higher on the 
Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. This compares to the long-term 
average of twelve named storms, six hurricanes, and three major 
hurricanes. There was also one tropical depression that did not 
reach tropical-storm strength. In terms of Accumulated Cyclone 
Energy (ACE), which measures the strength and duration of tropical 
storms and hurricanes, activity in the Atlantic basin in 2020 was 75 
percent above the long-term mean.

A record twelve named storms made landfall in the United States in 
2020, with an additional storm, Arthur, not making landfall but 
producing tropical storm force winds along the coast of North 

Reports on individual cyclones, when completed, are available at
the National Hurricane Center website at

Summary Table

Name                  Dates          Max Wind (mph)
TS  Arthur          16-19 May            60*
TS  Bertha          27-28 May            50*
TS  Cristobal        1-9  Jun            60
TS  Dolly           22-24 Jun            45
TS  Edouard          4-6  Jul            45
TS  Fay              9-11 Jul            60
TS  Gonzalo         21-25 Jul            65
H   Hanna           23-27 Jul            90
H   Isaias       30 Jul-5 Aug            85
TD  Ten          31 Jul-1 Aug            35
TS  Josephine       11-16 Aug            45
TS  Kyle            14-16 Aug            50
MH  Laura           20-28 Aug           150
H   Marco           20-25 Aug            75
H   Nana             1-4  Sep            75
TS  Omar         31 Aug-5 Sep            40
H   Paulette         7-22 Sep           105 
TS  Rene             7-14 Sep            50
H   Sally           11-17 Sep           105
MH  Teddy           12-22 Sep           140
TS  Vicky           14-17 Sep            50
TS  Wilfred         18-20 Sep            40
SS  Alpha              18 Sep            50
TS  Beta            17-22 Sep            60
TS  Gamma            2-5  Oct            70
MH  Delta            4-10 Oct           145
MH  Epsilon         19-26 Oct           115
H   Zeta            24-29 Oct           110
MH  Eta         31 Oct-13 Nov           150
TS  Theta           10-15 Nov            70
MH  Iota            13-18 Nov           160

* Denotes a storm for which the post-storm analysis is complete.

Hurricane Specialist Unit