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NHC Library

NHC Library Website Link - Hosted by the NOAA Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory

About the NHC Library

The NOAA Miami Regional Library at the National Hurricane Center is an official branch of the NOAA Central Library. The library's mission is to acquire, manage, and ensure access and delivery of scientific and technical information to its users in a timely manner. Its users are NOAA staff, buisiness, academia and the public at large.

The on-site physical collection contains approximately 10,000 print cataloged items and and nearly 8,000 scientific journal issues from 35 various atmospheric titles. The in-house collection also includes CDs, DVDs, and microfilm. The NOAALinc online catalog features over one million titles from the combined collections of NOAA's 30 libraries across the country and features over 1 million print titles that link to full-text when available. The e-collection of serials provides direct access to all of the >Americane Meteorological Society titles, Climate Change, Natural Hazards, Natural Hazards Review, Science News, Weather, Weatherwise and many other titles and databases including Web of Science.

At the heart of this specialized collection are reports, memorandums and studies on tropical cyclones and meteorology, produced by all divisions of NOAA. The broader focus includes atmospheric studies such as hurricane mitigation, disaster awareness, and weather data from non-NOAA world-wide contributors.

Availability of On-Site Resources

The library's on-site resources are available to NHC staff 24/7. Reference questions are welcomed by the public via phone and email Monday through Friday. Library visits are available with the on-site librarian Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays by appointment only.

Online Resources and Contact Information

In addition to the online catalog the NHC website offers access to the following special collections: Pre-recorded science presentations, aviation data, Gulf Stream Current data, bibliographies, open source resources, schools offering atmospheric studies, and links to other atmospheric educational web sites.

Phone: 305-229-4406

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