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National Hurricane Center Staff

Contact information may be found at the NOAA Staff Directory or DOC Person Finder.
A monthly Q & A series with NHC employees is also available.

Office of the Director

Ken Graham [Bio]

Deputy Director
Ed Rappaport, Ph.D. [Bio]

Executive Officer

NOAA Public Affairs Officer
Dennis Feltgen [Bio]

Administrative Officer
Jannette Perez


Administrative Assistant
Petra Gonzalez

Hurricane Specialist Unit (HSU)

Branch Chief
Michael Brennan, Ph.D. [Bio]

Senior Hurricane Specialists
Lixion Avila, Ph.D. [Bio]
Jack Beven, Ph.D. [Bio]
Daniel Brown [Bio] – Warning Coordination Meteorologist (WCM)
John Cangialosi [Bio]
Richard Pasch, Ph.D. [Bio]
Stacy R. Stewart [Bio]

Hurricane Specialists
Robbie Berg [Bio]
Eric Blake [Bio]
Andrew Latto [Bio]
David Zelinsky [Bio]

U.S. Navy Hurricane Specialist
Dave Roberts

Tropical Analysis & Forecast Branch (TAFB)

Branch Chief
Christopher Landsea, Ph.D. [Bio]

Lead Forecasters
Eric Christensen [Bio]
Andrew Levine
Jeffrey Lewitsky [Bio]
Scott Stripling

Jorge Aguirre-Echevarria
Carl McElroy
Dan Mundell
Gladys Rubio [Bio]
Nelsie Ramos, Ph.D. [Bio]

Surface Analyst Forecasters
Mike Formosa
Mike Tichacek
Evelyn Rivera-Acevedo
Andrew Hagen [Bio]
Maria Torres [Bio]

Surface Analyst Interns

Technology & Science Branch (TSB)

Branch Chief
Mark DeMaria, Ph.D. [Bio]

Science and Operations Officer (SOO)

Programming and Software Development
Monica Bozeman [Bio]
Craig Mattocks, Ph.D.
Christopher Mello
Matthew Onderlinde, Ph.D.
Matt Sardi

Storm Surge Unit (SSU)

Team Lead
Jamie Rhome [Bio]

Storm Surge Specialist
Cody Fritz, Ph.D. [Bio]

Operations Manager
LTJG Phil Manougian – NOAA Commissioned Corps Officer [Bio]

NOAA Contract Support
William Booth
Ethan Gibney
Laura Alaka
Tarah Sharon
Taylor Trogdon

Support Personnel

Chief, Aerial Reconnaissance Coordination, All Hurricanes (CARCAH)
Warren Madden [Bio] – Chief
Steve Feuer

FEMA/Department of Homeland Security
Matthew Green
Tiffany Hersey [Bio]

Library and Information Services
Gloria Aversano

Hurricane Forecast Improvement Project (HFIP)
James Franklin
Andrew Penny, Ph.D.
Jeri Lynn Schwietert Livingston [Bio]

Joint Hurricane Testbed (JHT)

GOES Tropical Applications Developer
Stephanie Stevenson, Ph.D.

Administrative Support
Margaret Rodriguez

NCEP Central Operations (NCO)
Doug Gaer
Marc Laurent