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NHC on Twitter

The National Hurricane Center participates on Twitter to help decision-makers and the public receive notifications of the very latest hazardous tropical weather systems, to enhance its traditional outreach and education programs, and where possible, to interact with users. NHC has five twitter accounts. Information on tropical cyclones affecting the Central Pacific is available on Twitter from the Honolulu Weather Forecast Office.

Embedded Twitter feeds are currently unavailable. Please use the provided links to view NHC's Twitter accounts.

Interactive Outreach (@NWSNHC)

The broadest in scope of NHC's Twitter accounts, @NWSNHC is our primary mechanism for engaging the public and our partners in two-way conversations. Tweets will be composed by NHC managers, the Warning and Coordination Meteorologist, the Public Affairs Officer, and other non-operational staff. This account will cover general topics such as education and outreach, NWS products and policies concerning tropical cyclones, significant events, or just fun facts – from across all of the branches that comprise NHC. Whenever possible, we'll try to respond to your questions and comments. Occassionally, NHC may post live video from our twitter feeds on this account.



Hurricane Specialist Unit Operations (@NHC_Atlantic and @NHC_Pacific)

These two accounts are the primary outlets for real-time, operational information or announcements regarding active tropical cyclones and disturbances, for our two basins of responsibility. In addition to the automated tweets that are generated whenever a Public Advisory (TCP) or Tropical Cyclone Update (TCU) has been issued, these accounts will be used to enhance the messaging or highligh points of interest from our public products. Because these accounts are primarily manned by the Hurricane Specialist on shift, we will be unable to respond to questions or otherwise interact with users on these accounts. Outside of hurricane season, @NHC_Atlantic and @NHC_Pacific will be used to announce other operationally oriented activities of the Hurricane Specialist Unit.



Tropical Analysis and Forecast Branch (@NHC_TAFB)

The Tropical Analysis and Forecast Branch (TAFB), an operational unit of the NHC, is responsible for issuing more than 100 marine products daily covering millions of square miles of the Atlantic and eastern Pacific Ocean. This account highlights significant marine weather events and outreach programs provided by TAFB.



NWS Honolulu Forecast Office (@NWSHonolulu)

The Central Pacific Hurricane Center is co-located with the Natinal Weather Service Forecast Office in Honolulu. The CPHC issues tropical cyclone warnings, watches, advisories, discussions, and statements for tropical cyclones between 140 degreeds West Longitude to the International Dateline. This account highlights weather events affecting Hawaii and outreach programs provided by the CPHC and Honolulu Forecast office.


Storm Surge (@NHC_Surge)

This account enhances storm surge forecasts by providing real-time reports and observations during an event, resources permitting. The feed will enhance preparedness and outreach efforts throughout the year, and provide news and announcements on updates to the SLOSH modeling system and storm surge decision support tools.


Please Note: This is a prototype service - see for more information.

Disclaimer: This service may not be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Timely delivery of data and products from this service through the Internet is not guaranteed, and you should not rely on this service to make life-threatening decisions. Please read the full Disclaimer for more information.

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