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NHC Experimental Podcasts

Updated 1 April 2011


  1. Product Description
  2. Purpose/Intended Use
  3. Audience
  4. Availability and Access
  5. Feedback and Comments

4. Availability and Access

The podcasts will be made available when the NHC media pool has been activated. Because this new service is experimental, the podcasts may not be available in a timely manner and they may not be available for every media event.

The podcasts will be created in the commonly-found audio format "mp3". Many devices can play mp3 files, including desktop and laptop computers, stand-alone mp3 players, cell phones, car radios, and Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs).

To subscribe to a podcast, a user would access the XML/RSS file using podcasting software. This software is widely available for free on the Internet and manages audio feeds. Once subscribed to the RSS feed, the podcasting software will periodically check for new audio files downloads them to the computer and/or mp3 player.

Please note that podcasts older than 4 hours will be automatically removed from the NHC website.

Users wanting to subscribe to the podcast (XML/RSS feed) should use the following URL:

The main NHC audio/podcast page will be located at the following URL:

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