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NHC Experimental Podcasts

Updated 1 April 2011


  1. Product Description
  2. Purpose/Intended Use
  3. Audience
  4. Availability and Access
  5. Feedback and Comments

2. Purpose/Intended Use

The podcasts are being created to allow the public and media outlets a way to hear (and retransmit) NHC media briefings using alternative technology. Currently, NHC media briefings are only broadcast on television or select radio stations, at the stations' discretion. MP3 format allows the general public to access the audio briefings via the Internet.

The podcasts will also increase the distribution of NHC media briefings to additional media outlets, including newspapers and radio stations. Podcasting provides more flexibility for listening to the media broadcasts, and freely-available podcast software automatically downloads the latest file that can be accessed at a time most convenient for the user.

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