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Storm Surge Maximum of the Maximum (MOM)


  1. Overview
  2. Product Description
  3. Availability
  4. Examples

2. Product Description

This is an ensemble product of maximum storm surge heights for all hurricanes of a given category regardless of forward speed, storm trajectory, landfall location, etc. MOMs are created internally by pooling all the MEOWs for a given basin, separated by category and tide level (zero/high), and selecting the MEOW with the greatest storm surge value for each basin grid cell regardless of the forward speed, storm trajectory, or landfall location. As with the MEOW, it is unknown (to the user) which combination of forward speed, storm trajectory, or track generated the MOM used for particular cell. This procedure is repeated for each storm category. In total 10 MOMs are made available for each basin - one MOM per storm category and tide level (zero/high). MOMs represent the worst case scenario for a given category of storm under "perfect" storm conditions. The MOMs provide useful information aiding in hurricane evacuation planning and are also used to develop the nation's evacuation zones. For more information on where the MOMs fall within decision support, please see NHC's Storm Surge Product Decision Support Wedge.

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