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[Spanish Key Messages]

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About this product:

Key Messages, when available, are found in the NHC Tropical Cyclone Discussion text product. They are designed to highlight essential points about hazards and forecast uncertainty for select tropical cyclones. The Key Messages graphic on the NHC website and NHC social media (Twitter and/or Facebook) pages includes the text of the Key Messages and relevant tropical cyclone graphics, which can include the cone graphic, the 34-kt cumulative wind speed probability graphic, or a rainfall forecast graphic provided by the Weather Prediction Center.

The National Hurricane Center encourages sharing and use of the Key Messages graphics. The Key Messages graphics, like all information on National Weather Service web pages are in the public domain and may be used or shared for any lawful purpose so long as you do not: 1) claim it is your own (e.g., by claiming copyright for NWS information), 2) use it in a manner that implies an endorsement or affilliation with NOAA/NWS, or 3) modify its content and then present it as official government material. You also cannot present information of your own in a way that makes it appear to be official government information. For more more information, go to