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The Deadliest Atlantic Tropical Cyclones, 1492-1996


  1. Introduction
  2. Tropical Cyclone Terminology
  3. Casualty Information
  4. Storm Lists and Statistics
  5. Conclusions
  6. Acknowledgements and References
  7. Appendix 1: Cyclones with 25+ deaths
  8. Appendix 2: Cyclones that may have 25+ deaths
  9. Notes to the Appendices
  10. References to the Appendices

Appendix 2: Cyclones that may have 25+ deaths

Atlantic tropical cyclones that may have caused at least 25 deaths. Lower case footnotes refer to supplementary information in Notes to Appendices. Upper case footnotes indicate sources listed in References to Appendices.

Areas of Greatest Loss Dates Notes
260. West Indies 1495 "When the hurricane reached the harbor, it whirled the ships round as they lay at anchor, snapped their cables, and sank three of them with all who were on board."CD
261. Bahamas Jul 1500 two caravels with all their crews "swallowed up" in a stormM,BO
262. Honduras 16 Sep 1502 "a boat sent to the shore was, in returning, swallowed up by a sudden swelling of the sea, with all on board..."BO,c
263. DR 12-14 Aug 1508 "...many men were lost in this city and in the greater part of this island..."M; "destroying...the entire population of Buenaventura" (on 3 August [Julian calendar?])AD
264. Puerto Rico Jul 1515 "death of many Indians"J,I
265. Near Jamaica 1519 18 men from caravel survived a "hurricane"CD
266. FL west coast 1523 "Two ships and their crews were lost."CN
267. NC Jun 1526 "...Spanish brigatine was lost off Wilmington, North Carolina..."AV
268. Puerto Rico 31 Aug 1530 "Uncounted number of deaths by drowning."AY
269. Puerto Rico 1533 "So many slaves were killed in the destruction of the twenty-sixth of July, August 23 and August 31..."CN
270. Puerto Rico 1537 "many slaves were drowned"M,J,I,c,z
271. NW Cuba 1537 2 ships lostBD,c,z
272. DR 20 Aug 1545 killed "many", "large number of" peopleM,AD,z
273. Mexico 1545 loss of life from vessel wrecked in "norther"BD,c,z
274. Off FL Keys 1550 Spanish nao (ship) Vitacion, 200 tons, "lost during a hurricane"BP, near HavanaCQ.
275. Gulf of HON 1551 "ship with many persons...all drowned"M
276. Texas 1553 16 ships of the New Spain Flota were "struck by a hurricane" and not again "ever heard from."BD,z,bf
277. Cuba Nov 1554 "...the admiral's ship was sunk..."; a small caravel sank with all but two people drowningM,z
278. Mona Passage 1554 Spanish nao wrecked during hurricaneBE,c,z
279. Ofshore S Texas 1554 "three ships from the New Spain fleet, the Santa Maria de Yciar, Espiritu Santo, and the San Esteban, were lost in a storm off what would later become Padre Island, Texas. A few survivors managed to escape in a small boat."CL,c,z
280. Bermuda around 1554 "of the ohter ships that had sailed with them (the San Miguel), weeks before, the leading ship from Veracruz sank in that hurricane that caught up with them in Bermuda. Twenty-five survived..."CN,z
281. Bahama Channel 1555 The Capitana of New Spain fleet lost in stormCQ,c
282. Off FL 19 Sep 1559 "great loss of a tempest from the north"BD,z; "great loss (less than 1,500) of seamen, passengers"CH
283. Off NW FL 1559 6 Spanish ships lost "in a hurricane"BP,z
284. Atlantic Aug-Oct 1563 five vessels missing at latitude of BermudaCQ
285. NC (?) 1564? "...none of the people survived..." from a wreck on the coastAV
286. FL E coast 22 Sep 1565 "...surely (several French vessels) must have been lost."M "In a severe storm, most of the French vessels were lost at sea"BP on unknown date, but apparently in same storm. 529 surviving soldiers and sailors accounted for from original 600.CH
287. Off Dominica 1567 "six ships, carrying 3 million pesos, were wrecked in a storm off Dominica. The island's natives killed all the survivors..."CL
288. Atlantic Sep-Jan 1570-1 loss of 4 ships in storm between Veracruz and SpainCQ,c
289. FL coast 1571 San Ignacio, 300 tons, and Santa Maria de la Limpia Concepcion, 340 tons "lost on the Florida coast during a storm....only a few survivors."BP,c
290. Gulf MX, MX 1574 4 ships sank in a "bad storm". 5 perished from one of the vessels; loss on others unknown. Ships were part of New Spain Flota that left Spain on 29 June.BD Two of the ships may have been the Sanct'Ana (300 tons) and the Santa Maria de Begonia (650 tons)CQ. Chaunu and Chaunu (1955) note a violent hurricane on 27 Augustbg between Jamaica and Cuba.
291. Atlantic Aug-Nov 1579 storm sank Spanish Armada's 600 ton AlmiranteCQ,c
292. Bahama Channel 1586 Loss of two 120-ton Spanish navios attributed to hurricane.BE Six or seven others lost, including the San Juan, 120 tons.BP
293. FL E coast 1589 A ship of the fleet commanded by Perez de Olesbal wrecked. "Forty of her crew were rescued."BP,z
294. BAH Channel near 9 Sep 1589 4 ships "struck by a hurricane" sunk in Bahama ChannelBD,z; two were the Santa Catalina and the Jesus MariaBP (350 and 400 tons, respectively) CQ
295. BAH Channel Sep 1589 Four-day storm, "On the first day alone a total of ten naos were swallowed by the sea."BE,z
296. Atlantic near end Aug 1591 22 vessels perishedJ,AG,AJ,z. Chaunu and Chaunu (1955) list 20 ships lost in storm(s) returning from Bermuda after 24 August (mainly 1-10 Sept.). The list includes crews totals of 387 for 5 of the ships. Uncertain how many of them and others were lost to storm(s).bg
297. Off Azores end Aug 1591 "Over a hundred ships, galleons and merchant ships...were wrecked, their crews drowned, their riches lost."CD,CN,z
298. Coastal FL 1591 Encountering storms, "29 ships were lost, many on Florida's coast"BP,z
299. Atlantic mid Aug 1591 five or six of a group's largest ships and all their crews were lostJ,AJ,z
300. At sea 1591 Spanish nao lost in Atlantic or Caribbean SeaBE,c,z
301. At sea 1594 ship lost in Caribbean SeaM
302. HAI, DR, CU 1605 "loss of three ships"; "...some men escaped..."M
303. Cumana (VEN) 1605 "four galleons" lost near Santa MargaritaM,h
304. Near Bahamas 4 Aug 1609 one ship sankL,z
305. Offshore MX 30 Aug 1615 San Miguel (400 tons)CQ sunk in storm. "Nothing was saved, not even the crew or passengers."BD
306. Puerto Rico 12 Sep 1615 "algunas Muertes" (some deaths)I
307. BAH Channel 1622 loss of 2 Spanish naos attributed to hurricaneBE,z
308. Offshore FL 1622 Spanish nao Santa Ana Maria, 180 tons, "lost during a storm off the Florida coast"BP,z
309. Off S PR Oct 1638 2 British ships lost; two known survivorsBE
310. Western Cuba 11 Sep 1640 36 vessels affected; 4 thrown on shore; "...nearly all the sailors drowned, excepting 260 that were saved..."M
311. Hisp. to FL 24 Sep 1641 8 ships lost and "many people perished"M; many ships lost in the Bahama Channel, and no survivors from 4 wrecked ships, with some survivors on a fifth ship along NE Florida coastBD
312. Lesser Ant. Sep 1642 men in 22 ships drownedM
313. St. Kitts 1650 "...28 ships were thrown on the roadstead of St. Christopher, the sailors drowned..."M; "During two different hurricanes a total of twenty-eight merchantmen, a great number of lives...lost."BD
314. Leeward Is. 23-24 Sep 1652 3 ships and crew missingM
315. BAR, STV 13 Jul 1653 1 ship and crew lost; at St. Vincent, "death of many savages"M
316. Guadeloupe 1656 "Every vessel at anchor in the roads was wrecked and most of their crews drowned."J,Y,AG,AJ
317. Off Bahamas 1657 "two of the salvage vessels...were sunk in a storm off Gorda Cay." CL or CM
318. Antigua 1666 "During a hurricane 2 unidentified English warships were lost in English Harbor with a great loss of lives."BD,z
319. Virginia 6 Sep 1667 "burying in the ruins much goods and many people"AV; many people lost their lives..."L
320. Atlantic Before 23 Sep 1669 "Yesterday (26-30 Sep 1669) came in a Veffel from Rochel, telling us of a Report in that place that feveral New-found-land fhips have been lately cast away by ftorm."CE,z
321. St. Kitts Before 9 Dec 1669 "...terrible Hurricane neer St. Christophers, by which 25 of our Merchant fhips and others have been cast away." Possibly related to 19 Dec 1670 (Julian date) report of "violent" hurricane for around eight hours at St Christophers "...about the end of September last."CE,z
322. Offshore PR 1673 warship wrecked, "Most of the (500) pirates made it ashore to Puerto Rico..." BD,c
323. Martinique 3 Aug 1680 "During a violent hurricane...over twenty large French ships and two English ships were totally lost in Cul-de-Sac Bay and the loss of life was great."BD
324. DR 15 Aug 1680 "submerged...many vessels...(including) twenty-five ships of France...causing the death of most"M; several Spanish ships lost as well.BD
325. W Carib. Sea 1681 "loss of lives...considerable" from several shipsM
326. Nevis 1689 "A dreadful mortality swept away one-half of the inhabitants of Nevis."J,AG
327. FL Keys 4 Oct 1695 offshore loss of 933 ton warshipM,z
328. NW Cuba 1696 "An unidentified navio was wrecked at Playa de Sabarimar, 7 leagues east of Havana, in 35 feet of water, during a storm..."BD,c
329. Virginia, MD 18 Oct 1703 "several (vessels) driven to sea, and no more heard of."AV,L
330. Havana (CU) 1705 4 men of war, "with most of their crews, were lost"M,BD
331. US E coast 6 Nov 1706 14 ships foundered and "others were given up for lost."AV,L
332. Jamaica 1712 "New colonists and old pirates and seamen were drowned in hurricane waves and river floods. Many others were killed in the wreckage of English houses built of flimsy boards."CN,z
333. Near Havana (Cu) 1712 "drowned men"CN,z
334. Florida Keys late Jun 1714 "many of his ships...sank...and many men got somehow to land....many men and women floated dead."CN,bg
335. Cuba Sep 1714 frigate San Juan lostM,AP
336. Louisiana 12-13 Sep 1722 "During a hurricane...a large number of unidentified ships were sunk at and near New Orleans."BD,z
337. Jamaica 2 Nov 1726 "Many lives lost with at least 18 at sea."AR
338. NC 13 Aug 1728 All of crew lost from ship sunk off Okracoke IslandAV; "only a few survivors" --no dateBD; "Many ships were lost, one as far north as few miles off Ocracoke." CF
339. Jamaica 1 Sep 1730 ship of war (carrying ex-President of Panama) lostM,z
340. Caribbean Sea 1730 Nuestra Senora del Carmen "went down in a hurricane south of Jamaica" CL,z
341. W'ward Pass. 1731 Most men on ship Bridget and Kitty perished. May be related to one death on Dolphin upset in 24 June squall.M
342. Lesser Ant. 10-11 Jul 1733 crews of multiple ships lost; other losses on landM,AP,z; "a total loss of lives" from one ship at St. KittsBD
343. DR 9 Sep 1737 "carried away...negroes...into the sea"AG,AJ; "feveral Perfons were drown'd" near Fort St. LouisCJ
344. STK, MON Oct 1737 "During an October hurricane an English merchantman...was sunk at Basseterre and only one of the crew survived."BD "Capt. Sutton's ship was lost, with the Crew except one Man...At Montserrat the Storm...carryed away...Negroes...into the sea"CJ
345. Puerto Rico 11-12 Sep 1740 2 ships of war lostM
346. VI, PR 27-28 Oct 1742 2 ships lostM
347. Jamaica 20 Oct 1743 "...a great number of marines were drowned."AG
348. Carib. Sea 1746 13 of 21 ships on way from Brazil to Lisbon "disappeared without a trace" in a hurricane.BD
349. C Atlantic 26 Sep 1747 "The Fleet from Barbadoes, &c. on the 15th Ult. (Julian date) met with a violent Storm in Latitude 39 North, in which the Lyme Man of War of 20 Guns Overfet, and all the Crew except four Perifh'd....The Homer, Gardiner, from Barbadoes for Leverpool, and a ship for Falmouth, Founder'd at the fame Time, and only One Man from on board the Latter was faved." BN,c
350. Gulf of HON 29 Sep 1749 "The Centaur, Snow, from the Bay of Honduras for Leghorn, met with a violent Hurricane foon after he left the Bay, in which he loft all the Mafts and Sails, and put into Carolina to Refit the 3d of November. Capt. Cullam, of the Arthur, writes from the Bay on the 18th Sept. (Julian Calendar date) that the fame Storm put moft of the Veffels afshore at the Bay, but he rode it out without Damage, and that feveral Veffels for Europe & North America, fail'd from thence with Capt. Snow, who 'tis fear'd have met with the like or worfe Misfortune.BN
351. MA, NC 8 Oct 1749 "During a unidentified ships were wrecked on Martha's Vineyard and many lives were lost." Two merchantmen wrecked north of Ocracoke. The John & Jane "foundered 9 leagues seaward of the Cape Fear bar."BD
352. Offshore NC 17-18 Aug 1750 4 Spanish vessels wrecked off Outer BanksAV,BD,CL. No lives lost from the Nuestra de Solidad, with unknown losses from the El Salvador and two unidentified ships.CI
353. St. Kitts 24 Jul 1751 "During a violent gale" the Friendship was wrecked and none of the crew survived. BD Vessel identified as a brig; storm apparently also felt off Havana. BN
354. Cuba 26 Sep 1752 "During a hurricane...sixteen unidentified ships were lost near Havana."BD The Speedwel "fuppos'd" to have been lost.BN
355. Off Florida 22 Oct 1752 Ships lost in "Hurricane": Alexander, Lancafter, Dolphin, Q. Anne, May, Rhode Island, Stratia, a Spanish schooner, three other vesselsBN. Ships missing: Mary and Prifcilla, Pompey, Phillis (7 drowned), Three Friends, Kingfton, Ruby, Bofton, a schooner, a ship, and a Spanish Man of WarBN; 12 ships lost in "Gulf of Florida"BD; Also affected North Carolina.BN
356. TX, Gulf MX 4 Sep 1766 During a "hurricane", 5 ships wrecked on Galveston Island, and a "...majority of the treasure and persons on these ships were saved."BD One merchantman vessel from the Spain Flota possibly lost in the Gulf of Mexico in storm alternately indicated as on the 1st-4th, or in the middle of September.BN
357. Guadeloupe 6 Oct 1766 "...twelve inbound slave ships from Africa (to Isle de Saints) were also totally lost."BD
358. NW FL 23 Oct 1766 "...all the Crew drowned except three" in the brig Wetherill during "a moft terrible Hurricane"BN
359. Coastal NC 21 Sep 1767 "number" of vessels lost in "violent storm"BN
360. Coastal NC 5-6 Sep 1769 "The Neptune, Watts, from N. Carolina to London, failed on the 4th of September laft being the day before the violent ftorm on that coaft, and its thought that all perifh'd."BN " entire street of houses was washed away, along with several residents."CG
361. DOM, STK 30 Aug 1772 "causando muertes" (causing deaths); "matando gran numero de personas" (killing great number of persons)I,z,av
362. Louisiana 2 Sep 1772 El Principe de Orange "was struck by a hurricane...and wrecked at the entrance of the Mississippi River, where she quickly went to pieces, only six survivors."BD
363. Caribbean Sea 31 Jul 1775 English merchantman Gill, sailing from St. Eustatius to St. Vincent Island, sank during a "hurricane"BD,BN
364. Caicos Island 2 Nov 1775 "During a least eleven merchantmen and several English warships were lost in the Windward Passage near the Caicos Islands."BD
365. Off Florida Jun 1777 Spanish man-of-war foundered in "hurricane....all hands lost."BP
366. C Atlantic 10 Sep 1777 "The Ariadne, Ruffel, from Dominica to London, foundered at Sea in a Gale of Wind on the 10 Ult. the Crew and Paffengers were faved. Five others of the Fleet were miffing next Morning." BN,c
367. Cuba 28-31 Oct 1778 "greatest loss of human lives by drowning"M
368. Louisiana 18 Aug 1779 All but one of a fleet of Spanish warships sunk by a hurricane.BD "Slaves were drowned in ditches."CN
369. Martinique 28 Aug 1779 "many lives lost"BD,z
370. US coast Before 8 Oct 1779 "The Mary, Pippard, from St. Kitts to New-York, was overfet in a Whirlwind, a few Leagues from Sandy-Hook, the vessel and Cargo entirely lost. Alfo at the fame Time was loft, a Brig with Rum, for Antigua."BN,z
371. Atlantic Before 3 Dec 1779 brig lost in galeBN,c,z
372. Puerto Rico 13 Jun 1780 "hurricane...caused deaths and losses in Puerto Rico"CN
373. Jamaica 1 Aug 1781 "A powerful hurricane drove not less than 120 vessels ashore and destroyed a large number. Amongst the 120 were 30 British men of war. Many lives were lost on these ships...and more than twenty bodies were recovered." More losses on shore.AR,z
374. Atlantic 29 Oct 1781 "The Peach and Plenty, ______, from Cork to the West Indies, overfet in a hard Gale of Wind the 29th of October, and all the Crew perifhed, except one..."BN,c,z
375. Atlantic (?) Aug-Sep 1782 "The Corfaire, St. Juan Nepomuzeno, Capt. Gallardo, failed from St. Andero for the Havannah 15th August, and foundered in a violent Storm the fame Day in Sight of the Port; the Crew and Paffengers all drowned."BN,c,z
376. Atlantic Oct-Nov 1782 ship foundered in passage from Haiti to EuropeBN,c,z
377. US E coast 19 Sep 1783 "The Mercury, Herpin, from Dunkirk to Philadelphia, was lost in a furious Gale of Wind the Night of 19th September laft on Cape May; the Captain, Mate, and all the Crew, except feven Men, drowned."BN,z Lloyd's List has nearby ship losses on 19 September and 11 October.
378. Delaware Fall 1783 "During a gale in the fall, nine large unidentified ships were wrecked at Cape Henlopen and many lives were lost."AD,c,z
379. US E coast Fall 1783 "The John and Nelly, Bailey, from New-York to Charleston, left New-York the 22d of Sept. and is fupposed to have foundered in the feveral Gales of Wind that happened on the Coaft the beginning of October, as fhe has not since been heard of."BN,c,z
380. Jamaica 30-31 Jul 1784 "many" and/or "numerous" lives lostM,Y,AJ,AR,z; 2 drowned from the Hanover Planter, half crew lost from the Industry, and "most of people perished from two unnamed vessels".BN
381. Curacao 1784 "During a hurricane that struck at Curacao Island, several large ships were wrecked in the main harbor and others forced to sea, where they were lost without a trace."BD,z
382. Cayman Is. 1785 "...many lives were lost."AT,z
383. Barbados 2-3 Sep 1786 many persons were killed in the ruins of their own housesM,AJ
384. Jamaica 20 Oct 1786 7 deaths plus "A fmall fhallop, wrecked off Gun Key; every foul perifhed" and all but 1 lost from a plantain boatAO
385. Coastal NC 10 Apr 1789 "In the Albermarle Sound area there was on this date 'a very violent gale of wind, with an amazing rise of tide, supposed to be about 9 feet above common high water mark.' A number of ships...were lost along the Outer Banks; at least two of these wrecks resulted in the death of the entire crew."CF,c
386. Lesser Ant. 1-2 Aug 1792 "many" lives lost in St. Kitts and AntiguaJ,AG,BC; "great loss of life" from ten ships in St. Barthelemy and only two survivors from a Spanish brig sunk between St. Kitts and St. EustatiusBD
387. Jamaica 27 Jun 1794 "The Prize Ships from St. Domingo to Jamaica, met with a fevere Gale of Wind on the 27th June, one of which was totally lost near Kingston..."BN
388. Jamaica 30 Jul 1794 "Lives lost."AZ
389. NC, VA 2 Aug 1795 "...a fleet of eighteen Spanish ships, sailing from Havana to Spain, was struck off Cape Hatteras, an undisclosed number of these ships were lost."BD A ship sank off Cape Charles"AV...with a total loss of lives"BD
390. SW Atlantic 9 Oct 1800 25 saved from Galgo, "upset in a squall, in lat. 21, long. 61 west."BY,c
391. Offshore VA 29 Sep 1806 schooner Charming Mary found partially submergedAV,z
392. Spanish Main 17 Oct 1807 From the Firefly, "all except the Surg. & 3 men (lost when vessel)...foundered in a hurricane off the Spanish Main."BY
393. Puerto Rico 17-19 Aug 1809 "Great...death toll"AY
394. C Atlantic 27 Aug 1809 "The Express cutter, together with several of the fleet, is supposed to have foundered....(and) several people on wrecks...were seen to go down..."AH
395. Off PR 3 Aug 1809 "H.M.S. Lark, of 18 guns, foundered...and all her crew, except one man, perished..."AJ,AO,z
396. Jamaica 15 Aug 1810 "Some lives lost at sea."AR
397. SC 10 Sep 1811 "many" killedQ,CF,CN
398. Cayman Is. 1812 "women of East End left widowed" when husbands lost at seaAT,z
399. Barbados 22-23 Jul 1813 "some lives lost,....numbers of persons were killed..."Y,z; at least 18 dead and 8 missingAH
400. Jamaica 7/31-8/1 1813 "many lives lost"AR,z
401. NC 3-4 Sep 1815 "...storm caused great damage and loss of life in Onslow." 4 deaths in one storm surge incident.CG
402. New England 23 Sep 1815 "the loss of life so heavy that the newspapers did not have space enough to give all the details of the marine disasters"BI; "impossible to estimate loss of live in Providence...but it was extremely heavy."BY "about twenty persons were drowned or killed" BJ; at least 20 deathsBK
403. Puerto Rico 1816 2 dead on land; part of crews from 3 ships perishedJ
404. Jamaica 8-12 Nov 1818 "heavy loss of life on ships....some loss of life on land"AR,z
405. Galveston (TX) 1818 "Women...drowning who were not killed by the roof cannon falling in on them" from "the Red House" of Jean Laffite.CN,z
406. VI 21-22 Sep 1819 "serious loss of life"Y; "apprehensive that many, many lives have been lost, in addition to the great number already ascertained."AH
407. Offshore VA 20-22 Oct 1822 schooner foundered off RichmondAV
408. New York 4 Jun 1825 schooner Hornet foundered, "...with loss of her entire crew."AV
409. Coastal NC 17-18 Nov 1825 "The schooner Harvest was wrecked...and five or more persons lost in what may have been a late season hurricane."CF,c 5 of 15 people on board were lost and row boat carrying rescuers overturned in surf.CI
410. Cuba 1826 "...el general Laborde perdio su escuadra en Cuba o costa del sur" (General Laborde lost his fleet in Cuba or the southern coast)AP,z
411. Cayman Is. 1826 "women of East End left widowed" when husbands lost at seaAT,z
412. Chesap. Bay 26 Aug 1827 "...the vessel (Flag) lost all hands and the passengers perished."AV
413. Near Bermuda 13 Sep 1828 3 ships lostAJ
414. Off STB 26 Oct 1829 "...two vessels slipt their anchors and went to sea. One returned, and the other has not since (4 Nov 1829) been heard of."AH
415. Florida 15-16 Aug 1830 " Cape Florida...several ships were lost..."AW
416. BAR, DR 3 Sep 1835 "The mail boat, Lady Lunn, was capsized and sunk; one man saved." 2 boats driven to sea from Barbados not heard from after 11 days.AW 3 deaths on Matilda near Dominican Republic.AH
417. Cayman Is. 1836 "women of East End left widowed" when husbands lost at seaAT
418. NC 18 Aug 1837 "...several vessels have been lost, one of them, with the crew..."; ship Palambam founderedAW
419. MX E coast 1 Nov 1838 "Three United States vessels were lost, and the crews of two of these perished." AJ
420. Coastal NC 12-15 Jul 1842 many ships lost and many persons drownedQ,CF; "Two unknown vessels were capsized...their entire crews lost, and seven men who went out later...were also drowned....No authentic information has come to light which would give...the number of persons drowned; it is sufficient to say that the hurricane of July 12, 1842 was one of the worst in the history of coastal Carolina."CI
421. Coastal NC 24 Aug 1842 "at least eight mariners were dead" (seven from the Congress and 1 from the Pioneer) from storm "hardly less severe" than 15 July 1842 hurricaneCI
422. Offshore VA 7-8 Sep 1846 several vessels lost offshore VirginiaAV
423. NC 24 Aug 1850 "pilot boat sank"Q,CF
424. DR 18 Aug 1851 "many casualties"AD
425. Offshore VA 12 Sep 1851 Schooner Free Trade capsized. "Nothing heard from the persons on board, and it was feared that they were lost."AV
426. Jamaica 6-8 Nov 1852 "many lives lost on ships in ports"AR
427. E TX coast 18 Sep 1854 "Two people were killed. The steamer Kate Ward and crew were lost..."R
428. Tampico (MX) 6 Aug 1855 "The loss and damage done to goods was very heavy, and the destruction of life and property was no less severe."AS
429. DR 26 Aug 1855 "many casualties"AD
430. W Atlantic 10 Jul 1861 The Bowditch, while " a tremendous hurricane, was boarded by a sea, which.... washed all hands overboard." Only the captain survived.V
431. Off NC 30 Oct 1862 "twenty-five Federal vessels left Hampton Roads with coal for the fleet about to attack Port Royal in South Carolina. The next day, fifty more vessels sailed. On the thirtieth of October, off Cape Hatteras, they were swallowed up and spewed everywhere by appalling winds and seas. Two steamers were lost."CN
432. US E coast 3 Aug 1867 2 deaths plus "all perished except the captain" from a brig.AV
433. E TX coast 1-3 Oct 1867 "many", "number" of lives lostF,R
434. New England 8 Sep 1869 1 death in MA and "all except one man perished" from schooner Helen Eliza in Maine.BX
435. E TX coast 2-3 Oct 1871 2 deaths plus steamer foundered and "all hands were lost with the exception of one man." R
436. W Atlantic 19-20 Oct 1873 schooner Enterprise "feared lost during the storm"AV
437. PR, NC 13-17 Sep 1876 "...19 deaths reported, but historians suspected the Spanish Government withheld actual damage and death toll data."AY 2 drowned in Onslow County, NC and "from Okracoke to Rocky Mount, reports were gathered of killed and injured citizens."CG
438. DR-HAI-FL-PA 1-13 Sep 1878 "considerable loss of life"AG,AI; 9 deaths FL to PA, plus, at Aux Cayes "...a number of persons were killed", while "in the towns of Aquin and Cavaillon...a large number of lives lost."R
439. Haiti 25-28 Sep 1878 "American brigatine was wrecked at Tiburon and all hands lost."R
440. Gulf MX (?) 24-28 Oct 1879 schooner from Pensacola "...completely wrecked and lost all her crew but two men." R
441. US E coast 16-21 Nov 1879 "some lives lost"R
442. SE TX coast 12-13 Oct 1880 "many lives lost"F,BW
443. Cuba 5-6 Sep 1882 "buen numero de victimas" (good number of victims)AI
444. Jamaica 6-8 Oct 1884 "drowning at least 8 people"AR
445. Cuba 17-24 Jun 1886 "no pocos ahogados" (not a few drowned)AI
446. Cuba, JAM 28-29 Jun 1886 "algunas desgracias personales en mar y tierra" (some people died at sea and on land) from CubaAI; "no less than 18 lives lost" in JamaicaAR
447. Cuba 21-26 Aug 1886 "crushing many of their inhabitants"AG
448. Cuba 11-15 Jun 1887 "algunos ahogados" (some drowned)AI
449. Cuba 15-16 Jun 1889 "algunas...desgracias personales" (some people died)AI
450. Cuba 28-29 May 1890 "buen numero de ahogados" (good number of drownings); "Se enviaron de la capital partidas de Bomberos, Marinos y Guardia civil. Buen numero de estos expedicionarios perdieron la vida." (Firemen, marines, and civil guard teams were sent from the capital. A good number of these crews lost their lives.)AI
451. W Atlantic 28-30 Aug 1890 10 deaths from one ship; "loss of life" from anotherR
452. Cuba 9-11 Jun 1892 16 deaths in Matanzas and "large" number in vicinity; 1 death in HavanaV+AI
453. Cuba 21 Oct 1895 "arrebato algunas vidas" (took some lives)AI
454. Cuba 25-27 Sep 1897 "algunas desgracias personales" (some people died)AI
455. Cuba, JAM 28-29 Oct 1899 In Cuba, "algun(a)s...perdidas de vidas humanas" (some loss of human lives)AI; "many dead" in JamaicaAR
456. AL-LA coast 13-16 Aug 1901 "Only 10 persons are known to have perished, but more lives no doubt were lost....It is greatly feared that the loss of life among the fishermen and others...will be considerable." R
457. US E coast Sep 1904 "A number of lives were lost..."T,c; "considerable loss of life"R
458. Costa Rica 25-28 Jan 1905 "very severe hurricane...causing great loss of life"R,c
459. Turks Is. 10-12 Sep 1908 "caused destruction of life"R; at least 19 deaths with 8 missingAH+W
460. N Florida 3-4 Sep 1915 "small loss of life...confined to fishing and sponge vessels" near Jacksonville. R
461. Jamaica 15-17 Aug 1916 "At least 17 persons left dead..."AR
462. Puerto Rico 22 Aug 1916 2 ships missing at seaI
463. Gulf of MX 28-30 Sep 1920 "among the vessels lost were...(two American ships with)...a large number of casualties" R
464. Bahamas, FL 24-29 Sep 1929 10 deaths, not counting "many lives lost" in in BahamasR
465. Mexico, PR 10-16 Sep 1931 2 deaths in Puerto Rico, plus 300-ton steamer "sank with all hands lost, including a number of passengers."R
466. Off NJ 7-8 Sep 1934 The liner Morro Castle caught fire and was abandoned in unsettled weather at the approach of a hurricane." 134 people died from burning, drowning and exposure."BS,c
467. MX, Belize 5-11 Nov 1942 "Nine lives were lost...", but the " loss of life is still unclear."R

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