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Marine Fact Sheets

The Marine Fact Sheets, a 66 page guide for mariners, is available for PDF download (approximately 1.5 mb). The table of contents is below for reference, in case a particular portion of the pdf is desired.

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING! Any reference in this guide to a commercial product or service does not imply an endorsement by the author, or the National Weather Service as to function or suitability for your purpose or environment. For private use only. Do not distribute.

Click on the image below to download

[Mariner's Guide Click Here to Download]

Marine Fact Sheet Table of Contents (Click on download link above and scroll to desired section in PDF)

Introduction and Explanation Page 1
Marine Observations and the Forecast Pages 1-5, 33
Interpreting the Marine Forecast Pages 6-8
Weather Radio Broadcasts Pages 9-12
Marine Facsimile Schedules Pages 13-18
Web Pages of Interest Page 19
Weather Nets Page 20
Internet, E-Mail and FTP Mail Page 21
Grib Files and Gridded Marine Forecasts Pages 23, 57-58
Tides Pages 24-25
Lightning Pages 26-28
Rip Currents Page 29
Diverís Down Flag Page 30
Boating Safety Page 31
Standard Abbreviations Used in Text Forecasts Page 32
Samples of Text Forecasts Pages 34-51
Navtex Forecasts Pages 52-53
Marine Weather Discussion Page 54
Tropical Weather Discussion Page 55-56
TAFB Graphicast Page 57
TAFB Experimental Gridded Marine Forecasts Page 58
SAILDOCS and VIEWFAX Information Pages 59-60
OSCAR Data Page 61
RTOFS Data Page 62
Graphical Products Legend Page 63
Samples of Marine Graphics Pages 64-70