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NHC GIS Archive - Storm Surge Watch/Warning

NHC Storm Identifier* Storm Name
al01 Tropical Storm ARLENE
al02 Tropical Storm BRET
al03 Tropical Storm CINDY
al04 Tropical Depression FOUR
al05 Tropical Storm DON
al06 Tropical Storm EMILY
al07 Hurricane FRANKLIN
al08 Hurricane GERT
al09 Hurricane HARVEY
al10 Potential Tropical Cyclone TEN
al11 Hurricane IRMA
al12 Hurricane JOSE
al13 Hurricane KATIA
al14 Hurricane LEE
al15 Hurricane MARIA
al16 Hurricane NATE
al17 Hurricane OPHELIA
al18 Tropical Storm PHILIPPE
al19 Tropical Storm RINA
ep01 Tropical Storm ADRIAN
ep02 Tropical Storm BEATRIZ
ep03 Tropical Storm CALVIN
ep04 Hurricane DORA
ep05 Hurricane EUGENE
ep06 Hurricane FERNANDA
ep07 Tropical Storm GREG
ep08 Tropical Depression EIGHT-E
ep09 Hurricane HILARY
ep10 Hurricane IRWIN
ep11 Tropical Depression ELEVEN-E
ep12 Tropical Storm JOVA
ep13 Hurricane KENNETH
ep14 Tropical Storm LIDIA
ep15 Hurricane OTIS
ep16 Hurricane MAX
ep17 Hurricane NORMA
ep18 Tropical Storm PILAR
ep19 Tropical Storm RAMON
ep20 Tropical Storm SELMA
ep06 Hurricane FERNANDA
ep07 Tropical Storm GREG

* Identifiers are "al" for Atlantic storms and "ep" for East Pacific storms. Storms are numbered sequentially beginning with the first storm each season.

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