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Tropical Cyclones of the Eastern North Pacific

image of NOAA TC East Pacific track book coverpage

As part of its Historical Climatology Series, NOAA has prepared and made available the first edition publication of "Tropical Cyclones of the Eastern North Pacific Ocean, 1949-2006".

A similar book covering the tropical cyclones of the North Atlantic Ocean has been available for many years. (A revised edition is due out in September.)

The new publication, prepared by the National Climatic Data Center, Asheville, NC, in cooperation with the National Hurricane Center in Miami, FL, is a comprehensive source of track and statistical data of individual eastern North Pacific tropical cyclones and climatology about this basin.

Included in the book are the frequency of eastern North Pacific tropical cyclones, areas of formation, mainland landfalls, and yearly charts depicting the tracks all eastern North Pacific Ocean tropical cyclones from 1949 to 2006.

The book is available for purchase at the following URL:


August, 2009