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Updated 19 March 2014:

Current projects (Round 7) IHC presentations are available

The Joint Hurricane Testbed (JHT), Chris Landsea (NHC) - 94th American Meteorological Society's Annual Meeting, February 2014 presentation. (PDF format)

Updated 20 March 2012:

2012 IHC presentations posted for 2011-2013 projects

Updated 1 November 2011:

Press Release on new 2011 funded JHT projects

Updated 30 September 2011:

New JHT projects (Round 6, FY11-13) announced

Updated 31 March 2011:

Current projects (Round 5, FY 09-11) IHC presentations and Mid-year progress reports are available

Updated 21 July 2010:

The Federal Register Availability of Grant Funds for FY11 has been released

Joint Hurricane Testbed Announcement of Opportunity posted; Full Proposal deadline October 29

Updated 2 July 2010:

Overview of the EMC Operational IT Environment now available

Updated 1 June 2010:

Overview of the JHT and NHC Operational IT Environments now available

Updated 9 October 2009:

Information regarding 2009-2011 projects is now available

Updated 16 December 2008:

Joint Hurricane Testbed (JHT) 2008 Update: Transition from Research to Operations, Dr. Jiann-Gwo Jiing, JHT Director, Technical Support Branch Chief, TPC/NHC, NOAA Hurricane Conference, 2 December 2008 presentation.  (PDF format)

Updated 18 April 2008:

Please read about the projects for 2007-2009

Learn about the status of the 2005-2007 projects

Updated 8 May 2006:

Please read about the new projects for 2007-2009

Updated 21 November 2006:

The JHT FY07 AFFO Application Deadline has been reopened.

Updated 16 June 2006:

The JHT FY07 Announcement of Federal Funding Opportunity has been released.

Added 26 April 2006:

• The 2005 First Year Reports are available in the Project Table
Joint Hurricane Test Bed (JHT): 2006 IHC Update, Dr. Jiann-Gwo Jiing, JHT Director, Technical Support Branch Chief, TPC/NHC, Interdepartmental Hurricane Conference, 22 March 2006 presentation.  (PDF format)

Added 10 February 2006:

The Joint Hurricane Testbed (JHT): Progress and Future Plans, Chris Landsea (TPC/NHC) - American Meteorological Society's Annual Meeting, February 2006 presentation.
(PDF format)

Added 31 January 2006:

• 2005-2007 Projects and Goals
• The 2005 Midyear Reports are available in the Project Table

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