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A monthly Q & A series with NHC employees is also available.

Office of the Director

Rick Knabb, Ph.D. [Bio]

Deputy Director
Ed Rappaport, Ph.D. [Bio]

Executive Officer
Christopher Burr

NOAA Public Affairs Officer
Dennis Feltgen [Bio]

Administrative Officer
Jannette Perez


Administrative Assistant
Petra Gonzalez


Hurricane Specialist Unit (HSU)

Branch Chief
James Franklin [Bio]

Senior Hurricane Specialists
Lixion Avila, Ph.D. [Bio]
Jack Beven, Ph.D. [Bio]
Michael Brennan, Ph.D. [Bio]
Daniel Brown [Bio] – Warning Coordination Meteorologist (WCM)
Richard Pasch, Ph.D. [Bio]
Stacy R. Stewart [Bio]

Hurricane Specialists
Robbie Berg [Bio]
Eric Blake [Bio]
John Cangialosi [Bio]
Todd Kimberlain [Bio]

U.S. Navy Hurricane Specialist
Dave Roberts


Tropical Analysis & Forecast Branch (TAFB)

Branch Chief
Hugh Cobb

Lead Forecasters
Eric Christensen [Bio]
Jeffery Lewitsky
Martin Nelson
Jessica Schauer
Scott Stripling

Jorge Aguirre-Echevarria
Andrew Levine
Dan Mundell
Gladys Rubio [Bio]
Dave Sandoval

Surface Analyst Forecasters
Mike Formosa
Marshall Huffman
Nelsie Ramos, Ph.D.
Mike Tichacek
Patricia Wallace

Surface Analyst Interns
Andrew Latto
Evelyn Rivera-Acevedo


Technology & Science Branch (TSB)

Branch Chief
Mark DeMaria, Ph.D.

Science and Operations Officer (SOO)
Christopher Landsea, Ph.D. [Bio]

Technical Support, Programming, and Development
Monica Bozeman
Brian Scott Maher
Craig Mattocks, Ph.D.
Christopher Mello
Matt Sardi
David Zelinsky

Information Technologists
Marc Laurent
Salim Leyva – Lead

Storm Surge Unit (SSU)

Team Lead
Jamie Rhome [Bio]

NOAA Contract Support
William Booth
M. Cristina Forbes, Ph.D.
Cody Fritz
Ethan Gibney
Nate Hardin [Bio]
Tarah Sharon
Brian Zachry, Ph.D. [Bio]


Support Personnel

Chief, Aerial Reconnaissance Coordination, All Hurricanes (CARCAH)
Steve Feuer
Warren Madden
John Pavone – Chief

FEMA/Department of Homeland Security
Matthew Green

Library and Information Services
Gloria Aversano

Hurricane Forecast Improvement Project (HFIP)
Casey Ogden
Andrew Penny, Ph.D.
Anu Simon, Ph.D.
Kevin Yeh, Ph.D.

Joint Hurricane Testbed (JHT)
Jose Salazar

Administrative Support
Margaret Rodriguez

Atlantic Hurricane Database Reanalysis Project
Sandy Delgado

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