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JHT Steering Committee

Current Steering Committee Members

John Gamache

Co-chair - Hurricane Research Division, AOML

Jeff Hawkins

Naval Research Laboratory

Ed Rappaport

Co-chair - National Hurricane Center

Liz Ritchie

University of Arizona

Brian Strahl

Joint Typhoon Warning Center

Vijay Tallapragada

Environmental Modeling Center, NCEP

Hugh Willoughby

Florida International University


Former Steering Committee Members

Kerry Emanuel

(2002-2003) Massachusetts Institute of Technology

John Molinari

(2002-2003 Co-chair) - State University of New York, Albany

Russ Elsberry

(2002-2005) - Naval Postgraduate School

Frank Marks

(2002-2005) - Hurricane Research Division, AOML

Chris Landsea

(2005) - Hurricane Research Division, AOML

Bill Frank

(2004-2007 Co-chair) - Pennsylvania State University

Ed Fukada

(2002-2014) - Joint Typhoon Warning Center

Naomi Surgi

(2002-2010) Environmental Modeling Center, NCEP