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2001-2003 JHT Projects

Project Title Principal Investigator(s) TPC/NHC Point of Contact 2003 IHC Presen- tation PIís Final Report yr 2 Costs Status
Hurricane Transition to Operations at NCEP/EMC Naomi Surgi (EMC) Richard Pasch X X $200,000 Accept
Hurricane Transition to Operations at NOAA/GFDL Morris Bender (GFDL) Richard Pasch X X $120,000 Accept
Tropical Cyclone Rainfall Climatology and Persistence (R-CLIPER) Model Frank Marks (HRD) Stacy Stewart
Hugh Cobb
David Roth (HPC)
X X $41,000 Accept
Ocean Heat Content and Storm-Scale Predictors in the Statistical Hurricane Intensity Prediction Scheme (SHIPS) Mark DeMaria (NESDIS)
John Knaff (CIRA)
Miles Lawrence
Michelle Mainelli
X X $131,400 Accept
Estimating the Probability of Rapid Intensification Utilizing SHIPS Model Output John Kaplan (HRD) Lixion Avila X X $85,000 Accept
Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit (AMSU) Tropical Cyclone Intensity and Size Estimation Algorithms Chris Velden (CIMSS)
Mark DeMaria (NESDIS)
Kurt Brueske (USAF)
Jack Beven, Chris Sisko X X $166,000 Accept
H*Wind Real-time Hurricane Wind Analysis Mark Powell (HRD) James Franklin, Miles Lawrence X X $211,800 Not Accept
Operational Targeting to Improve Prediction of TC Track and Intensity at Landfall Sim Aberson (HRD) James Franklin X X $133,000 Accept
Dynamical Model Track Prediction Evaluation Expert System (DYMES) Russ Elsberry (NPS)
Mark Boothe (NPS)
Dave Roberts (Navy Liaison)
Eric Holweg
Stacy Stewart
X X $125,000 Not Accept
An Operational Five-Day Tropical Cyclone Track Forecasting System Sim Aberson (HRD) James Franklin X Not Accept

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