The text below is taken from the Online NHC Virtual Tour

This is the Tropical Analysis and Forecast Branch, better known as TAFB.

One of three major branches within the National Hurricane Center, TAFB is staffed by 17 meteorologists who issue more than 100 marine forecasts and warnings every day of the year for ships, in text, graphical, and gridded formats covering a 14 million square nautical mile area in the tropical and subtropical Atlantic, including the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean, and Pacific oceans.

Its marine products include text High Seas and Offshore Waters forecasts, and graphical products including sea state analyses, wind wave forecasts, wave period forecasts, surface analysis and progs, and a tropical cyclone danger area graphic.

TAFB also issues the text Tropical Weather Discussions for both basins and, as needed, precipitation estimates for tropical systems within 36 to 48 hours of landfall over the World Meteorological Organization Region Four countries of the Caribbean.

There are three operational desks in TAFB, the Atlantic desk, the Pacific desk, and the Atlantic Pacific analysis desk. A fourth desk is staffed during the peak of the hurricane season to handle the increased workload.

Also during the hurricane season, the branch produces tropical cyclone position and intensity estimates to support the Hurricane Specialist Unit, and provides operational support to the hurricane specialists during tropical cyclone landfall events. TAFB also has close operational ties to the Ocean Prediction Center located in the Washington DC area.