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Tropical Depression Irma Local Statement Advisory Number 52
National Weather Service Jacksonville FL AL112017
1049 PM EDT Mon Sep 11 2017

This product covers Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia



* CHANGES TO WATCHES AND WARNINGS: - All watches and warnings have been canceled


* STORM INFORMATION: - About 250 miles northwest of Jacksonville FL - 32.4N 84.9W - Storm Intensity 35 mph - Movement Northwest or 320 degrees at 15 mph


Irma has weakened to a Tropical Depression. Winds will continue to diminish overnight tonight. A Coastal Flood Warning is in effect for the St Johns River Basin and Northeast Florida coast due to high water remaining during the high tide cycles this week. A Coastal Flood Advisory is in effect for the southeast Georgia coastline until Tuesday morning to account for any remaining water due to earlier surge.


* SURGE: Little to no additional surge impacts expected.

- Community officials are now assessing the extent of actual surge impacts accordingly. - Emergency response teams are attending to casualty situations as needed. - Emergency work crews are restoring essential community infrastructure as necessary. - If you have an emergency dial 9 1 1.

Elsewhere across Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia, little to no impact is anticipated.



Do not return to evacuated areas until it is safe. Listen for the all-clear signal from local authorities.

* OTHER PREPAREDNESS INFORMATION: Those who rode out the storm away from their home or business are likely anxious to return. However, allow some time for work crews to make a clear path for emergency vehicles. Downed power lines and trees may be blocking roads and flood waters may have washed out or overspread sections of key travel routes. Traffic lights may also be out of service.

Do not attempt to return to evacuated areas until local authorities give the All-Clear signal.

Do not go sightseeing within impacted communities simply to observe storm damage. Sightseers can interfere with the timeliness of rescuers and first responders to needlessly jeopardize lives.

When inspecting damage, use flashlights rather than candles or flamed lighting. Be aware of sparks that can ignite leaking gas or other flammables.

When clearing out fallen trees, be careful with chain saws and axes. Always wear protective gear and keep others at a safe distance. Use these tools according to operating manuals and safety instruction. Leaning trees and those which have fallen on roof tops can be especially challenging. If you are not in good health or unsure about what you are doing, have someone else with tree cutting experience do the job. Never cut trees without a partner.

If using a generator, avoid carbon monoxide poisoning by following instructions by the manufacturer. Make sure that the generator is run in a well ventilated space.

Problems with sewer backups can further contaminate standing flood waters. Keep children away. Also, listen for boil water alerts relative to communities whose tap water may have become non-potable.

* ADDITIONAL SOURCES OF INFORMATION: - For information on appropriate preparations see ready.gov - For information on creating an emergency plan see getagameplan.org - For additional disaster preparedness information see redcross.org


As it pertains to this event...this will be the last local statement issued by the National Weather Service in Jacksonville FL regarding the effects of tropical cyclone hazards upon the area.