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Monthly Tropical Weather Summary...CORRECTED
NWS Central Pacific Hurricane Center Honolulu HI
1108 AM HST Mon Dec 2 2019

For the central North Pacific, between 140W and 180W:

There were no tropical cyclones in the Central Pacific Hurricane Center, CPHC, area of responsibility during the month of November.

There were five tropical cyclones in the central North Pacific during the 2019 hurricane season. The only hurricane of the season, Erick, briefly became a major hurricane on 30 July after it crossed into the basin from the northeast Pacific. However, Erick steadily weakened after that as it passed far south of the main Hawaiian Islands. The other four systems in the central North Pacific reached tropical storm intensity. Two of these systems, Akoni and Ema, were given names from the Central Pacific list of Hawaiian names. None of the five tropical cyclones directly impacted the main Hawaiian Islands. However, Ema dissipated over the southern portion of the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument shortly before crossing between French Frigate Shoals and Maro Reef.

Reports on individual tropical cyclones, when completed, are available at the Central Pacific Hurricane Center (CPHC) website at www.hurricanes.gov/data/tcr/index.php?season=2019&basin=cpac

Note, the summary table below only includes tropical cyclones in the CPHC area of responsibility, and the dates are based on Universal Coordinated Time, UTC.

Summary Table for 2019 in the central North Pacific

Name Dates Max Wind (mph)
MH Erick 30 Jul-4 Aug 130 TS Flossie 3- 5 Aug 60 TS Akoni 4- 6 Sep 40* TD Kiko 24 Sep 35 TS Ema 12- 14 Oct 50

* The maximum wind speed was lowered in post-storm analysis.

$$ Hurricane Specialist Unit

Preliminary Central North Pacific Tropical Cyclone Tracks
Preliminary Central North Pacific Tropical Cyclone Tracks