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2015 Monthly Tropical Cyclone Summary

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Summary for the 2015 season though :

ABPZ30 KNHC 011502

800 AM PST TUE DEC 01 2015

Corrected for number of hurricanes for the season in second

For the eastern North Pacific, east of 140 degrees west longitude:

Two named storms formed in the basin in November, and one of these,
Sandra, became a major hurricane.  Hurricane Sandra was the latest
major hurricane observed in the basin since reliable records began
in 1971.  This level of activity was quite unusual for November,
since a named storm forms in the basin only about once every 4
years, with a hurricane forming only once every 9 or 10 years based
on a 30-year (1981-2010) climatology.

For the 2015 hurricane season overall, the basin was very active
with 18 named storms, 13 hurricanes, and 9 major hurricanes. There
were three unnamed tropical depressions and another tropical
depression that formed in the basin that became a tropical storm
(Ela) in the central North Pacific. Activity for 2015 was well above
the long-term means of 15 named storms, 8 hurricanes and 4 major
hurricanes. The number of major hurricanes observed in the basin in
2015 was the highest since reliable records began in 1971.

In terms of Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE), which measures the
combined strength and duration of tropical storms and hurricanes,
activity in the basin for 2015 was about 44 percent higher than the
1981-2010 median value. The ACE value for 2015 is the highest
observed in the basin since 1993, and the 7th highest since reliable
records began in 1971.

Reports on individual cyclones, when completed, are available at
the website of the National Hurricane Center at

Summary Table

Name                 Dates         Max Wind (mph)
MH  Andres*      28 May-4 Jun          145
MH  Blanca*      31 May-9 Jun          145
H   Carlos*         10-17 Jun           90
TS  Ela**            8-10 Jul           40***
MH  Dolores*        11-18 Jul          130
TS  Enrique*        12-18 Jul           50
TS  Felicia*        23-24 Jul           40
TD  Eight-E*        27-29 Jul           35
H   Guillermo*   29 Jul-7 Aug          110
MH  Hilda*           6-13 Aug          140***
TD  Eleven-E        16-18 Aug           35
MH  Ignacio      25 Aug-5 Sep          145***
MH  Jimena      26 Aug- 9 Sep          150
TS  Kevin*       31 Aug-5 Sep           60
MH  Linda*           5-10 Sep          125
TD  Sixteen-E       20-21 Sep           35
H   Marty           26- 1 Oct           80
TS  Nora             9-15 Oct           70
MH  Olaf            15-27 Oct          150***
MH  Patricia        20-24 Oct          200
TS  Rick            18-22 Nov           40
MH  Sandra          23-28 Nov          145

* Denotes a storm for which the post-storm analysis is complete.
** Tropical Storm Ela began in the eastern North Pacific basin as
Tropical Depression Four-E and reached tropical storm status after
moving into the central North Pacific basin.
*** Peak intensity reached in the central North Pacific basin.

Hurricane Specialist Unit

Graphic not available for the 2015 East Pacific season through November.