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NHC Experimental Videocast Service

Updated 12 July 2013


  1. Service Description
  2. Purpose/Intended Use
  3. Audience
  4. Availability and Access
  5. Feedback and Comments

2. Purpose/Intended Use

For the past years, NHC has provided hourly briefings to the media through a media pool process that has sometimes meant limited or no local media outlet access to the briefings when threatening storms are near low-populated areas, or in situations where media outlets may not have the resources to send representatives to NHC.

The relationship with WDT is intended to provide both distant media outlets as well as the general public access to these events for the purpose of disseminating hurricane information for the protection of life and property by leveraging technologies and resources not directly available to NHC.

Currently, these briefings are broadcast on television and select radio stations, at the stations' discretion. In addition, an experimental MP3 format is allowing the general public to access the audio portion of the briefings via the Internet to help increase the distribution of the NHC media briefings to additional media outlets such as newspapers and radio stations.

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