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Preliminary Report
Tropical Depression Twelve
6 - 8 October 1999

James L. Franklin
National Hurricane Center
9 November 1999

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[1999 Atlantic Hurricane Season]

Tropical Depression Twelve developed from a tropical wave that moved off the coast of Africa on 30 September. Satellite classifications on the system began on 3 October. Based on satellite classifications and cloud drift wind vectors from the University of Wisconsin, the system is estimated to have become a tropical depression on the 6th. Over the next three days, the depression moved somewhat erratically to the west-northwest without development. During this time, the low-level circulation center was mostly on the west side of the deep convection, due to the presence of an upper trough/low to the cyclone's north. Convection diminished on the 8th and the depression dissipated as the low-level circulation became less well defined. The remnant low-level cloud swirl could be tracked for several days thereafter as it continued west-northwest and then westward before dissipating completely north of the Lesser Antilles.

The "best-track" for the depression is given in Table 1.

Table 1. Best track for Tropical Depression Twelve, 6-8 October 1999.
Position Pressure
Wind Speed
Lat. (°N)Lon. (°W)
06/000014.4 44.81008 30tropical depression
06/060014.8 45.41008 30"
06/120015.0 45.81007 30"
06/180015.2 46.01007 30"
07/000015.4 46.21008 30"
07/060015.6 46.51008 30"
07/120015.8 46.71008 30"
07/180016.0 47.11008 30"
08/000016.4 47.51008 30"
08/060016.6 47.71008 30"
08/120016.8 47.91008 30"
08/180017.3 48.51010 25"
06/120015.0 45.81007 30minimum pressure


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