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Brief Information about Tropical Depression Two-E
15-19 May 1996

Richard J. Pasch
National Hurricane Center
5 June 1996

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[1996 East Pacific Hurricane Season]

On the 10th of May, cloudiness and thunderstorms began to increase over a portion of the ITCZ several hundred miles to the south of Acapulco, Mexico. This area of disturbed weather was not readily traceable back to an Atlantic tropical wave. As the area of weather moved slowly westward over the next few days, the cloud pattern became better organized and, by the 14th, showed signs of a low-level circulation. It is estimated that the system developed into a tropical depression around 1200 UTC 15 May, while located a little over 500 n mi south-southwest of Manzanillo, Mexico. On this first day of its existence, the depression was as well-organized as it would ever be. In fact, deep convection practically dissipated near the depression by early on the 16th. The cyclone was quasi-stationary or drifting very slowly for a day or so and then moved generally westward at an average speed near 5 knots. Although deep convection occasionally redeveloped near the center over the next couple of days, there was no strengthening of the system. On the 18th, the depression's organization deteriorated markedly, and the system dissipated at 0600 UTC 19 May.

Table 1. Preliminary best track, Tropical Depression Two-E, 15-19 May, 1996.
Position Pressure
Wind Speed
Lat. (°N)Lon. (°W)
15/120012.8108.7100730 Tropical Depression
180012.8108.5100630" "
16/000012.9108.3100730" "
060013.0108.4100730" "
120013.0108.6100730" "
180013.1109.0100730" "
17/000013.2109.5100730" "
060013.2110.0100730" "
120013.1110.4100730" "
180013.0111.0100730" "
18/000013.0111.8100730" "
060013.1112.5100730" "
120013.3113.2100725" "
180013.5113.8100825" "
19/000013.6114.4100920" "
0600     Dissipated
15/180012.8108.5100630 Minimum Pressure

Brian Maher
Jack Beven

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